Use Saycons when the words are not enough!

Use Saycons when the words are not enough!

Saycons is an application to brighten your offline communication and make it more funny. Use Saycons on occasion to create a mood around you or when the words are not enough.

The simple steps: open the application on your device, chose the Saycon that fits the situation and tap the button. To shut the sound tap the same button one more time.

Attention! Saycons may become an integral part of your offline life )))

Saycons is for your offline lifestyle and provides the new experience of your communication offline. It turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod into an additional source of your emotional expression.



Saycons 1.1

User reviews about Saycons

  • beloshytskiy

    by beloshytskiy


    At first glance it looks like a foolishness but then I found out this app amazing! Now all my famili members make fun of... More.

    reviewed on June 8, 2015